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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Living with Toys - Inviting and Calming Playspaces

images courtesy pablohoney
Often in decor literature, there is a dearth of childrens' playspaces. There is an overemphasis on decorating childrens' rooms. In my experience, young children don't play much in their rooms, no matter how beautifully decorated, but around where their parents work in the home. Here are some lovely playspaces sourced from flickr. Photos of these playspaces promote warmth and gentle development. Don't you feel like playing here? If nothing else, these play areas show how style need not always be compromised by toys.

This play kitchen has been fashioned so simply and elegantly, suggesting a mirad of ways in which parents can create toys within their home, incorporating their own beautiful furniture.
image courtesy fashnock

image courtesy of fashnock
More inviting play spaces.

image courtesy farmergopi

image courtesy fashnock

Creating a calm play space can be a challenge, especially since so many toys are given to children these days, that they and their parents feel over run with toys. Editing your children(s)' toy collection may seem daunting, and some fear that their child will miss certain toys. In my experience, some toys might have been mistakenly given up too soon, and a gentle conversation about that can suffice. Nonetheless, the fewer toys, the more they are played with. There is less to pick up too!

Many parents have been moving towards more natural play items made from wood and wool and these alone are beautiful toys to behold. Quality crafted and often from wood, natural toys inspire creativity and make pleasant and beautiful displays; I enjoy placing my children's toys on the shelves, whereas when we has plastic when my son was little, I was much more inclined to throw into a box, out of sight. One of my favourite toy sites is Three Sisters Toys and she has some lovely photos of some very inviting, calm, creative play areas. Many parents are also finding a great deal of inspiration from Amanda Blake Soul's. Creative Family is an inspiring book for beautiful crafting and toy making with children. Amanda's home is beautiful and very inviting for children to create and play in a peaceful, loving environment. Her children are very blessed.

And to add one more photo for today, here is the playspace in our home. My dad made the kids these playstands based on these plans, and these, and this one. Between the playstands along the slidingdoor is a small fridge and stove. Lately, they have been playing restaurant in here, and from time to time my son move the stands around to create different playspaces.


  1. Hey a Vancouverite! There aren't too many of us around, I love this post, the big bunch of purple grapes in the kitchen, the little angel playing. . . beautiful!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Maria : )
    Yup, I'd like to play in those places too!