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Monday, June 1, 2009

craigslist find - would you buy it?

I found this small dresser on craigslist last night, and have made an appointment to pick it up tonight. Close up, it looks quite scratched and needs hardwear. Its $50. Would you buy this piece? I'm hoping it'll fit on a short wall, where little else will fit, to hold a reading lamp - while reading on the couch. I'm not shy about painting furniture either! Even when its antique, such as this one. Hmm, given it will be in the same living/dining space as the aforementioned painted cabinet, and behind the diningtable and chairs.

You may recognized the table and chairs as Ikea, and you may notice the opened Expedit box, in the place where the craigslist piece would go. Yes, on the weekend, I made yet another trip to Ikea, this time for the new, smaller, Expedit, in white of course.
Well, it looked really bad in this spot, and very boxy. Just imagine inserting this piece into the picture above, adjacent to the couch, and placing a reading lamp on it. Nope! It did not give a modern looked like I hoped. Oh well, here's to my craigslist find. Hopefully it'll still be waiting for me at our 7pm appointment this evening. I'll keep you posted. . .

I wonder what color to paint it. I was thinking grey, but it would not really match the table. Decisions, decisions. What would you paint it?


  1. Thanks for visiting and Welcome !! That $5o dollar chest was a steal... don't be a stranger!

  2. It's very pretty. Hard to tell for me what color I would paint it. Either blend it in or make it stand out.

  3. Sadly, this little piece was not meant to be mine. The seller turned out to be really flakey and odd. When he suggested I pick it up the night at 10pm, I told him that was too late for me. Then when I called to confirm our original appointment the next evening at 7 pm, he said he was going out and would call, adding that 'it is falling apart.' Grrrrr. Of course the ad is deleted from craigslist today. I sensed from the beginning that he was dishonest.
    Oh well, onward and upward to find something else to fit there and solve my need for a reading lamp.