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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dining area - my home

I have tried to capture my dining area at its neatest. With two small kiddos, this area is often quite messy with craft activities, evidenced in the picture rail's contents. While this area is at an odd angle, and receives no daylight, I have added light to this corner by using white. That's an Ikea billy cabinet, which I painted white. It holds some white ware and a small collection of glass vases. The middle chair at the table I also freshly painted. The red chair at the end is a Stokke - a chair which my toddler loves, allowing her to climb up to table height all own her own. Its quite a neat chair, growing with her, as it has its own adjustable foot rest and seat. While I have always wanted a funky chandelier, it will not happen in this rental apartment. So, to create a little interest in this light fixture, I wrapped wire 'twigs' holding beads on their ends. I enjoy how they capture light, similar to crystals.

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