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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Musings of home

My friend lives down the hall, and her apartment has been a muse for my own - providing incentive to transform corners of my home, particularly with more light (despite my own lack of direct sun). What is so appealing about her home is that it is well thought out, with cool, modern lines, and an edge of simplicity, which I adore. Her home is mostly white, with crisp lines, and clutter free - even with a small child. My adoration of my friend's apartment confronts my love of things shabby chic, antique, eclectic and bohemian, which tend to be slightly cluttery, and tempers my impulsion to start collections. Here, I attempt to achieve coexistance with my mix of styles while living with double the amount of small children (2). My friend and I both share our space with our husbands, who have graciously accepted our home obsessions. I will ask my friend if I may post some pictures of her home.

My interest in home arises not only from family life and living with two wonderful small children, but how home affects us, and how a love of our home can offer some satisfaction. Having left a research career, my interests have shifted since having children. I've chosen to stay home with my children while they are small, and in turn, have come to embrace meanings surrounding home, decor, and domestic craft. As a sociologist, I have always been interested in how our surrounds impact and shape us. This is a journey exploring home, design, space, apartment living, living with kids, etc. while documenting my latest projects and transformations.

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