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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Healthy House Book

Such beautiful simplicity is laid out in The Healthy House Book by Gina Lazenby. Its the kind of simplicity I strive for, especailly living with two children and their things which routinely make their way around our apartment. Lazenby inspires me to cull, and not just spring clean, but deep clean to let more light and energy into the home. Centred more on health than style (although there are quite a few pictures thoughout the book of a beautiful, natural style with plenty of light) Lazenby discusses disorder and (chi/metaphysical) energy as stressors within the home. Quite simply, energy is blocked by having too much - furniture, objects, pictures, etc.. While many of us understand this, Lazenby points out that when you have to move around so many things, they become a metaphor for aspects of our life where we compromise and not obtain what we *really* want in life. Letting go of things not only makes a healthier state of mind, but allows for new opportunities to present, greater control over life, and clears the mind. Decluttering implications are be lofty ideals about the implications of everything you do or buy impacts your state of health and others in your home.

Lazenby also tackles a number of other home stressors, including electropollution, chemical pollution, environmental stress and lifestyle stress using principles of feng shi and other forms of metaphysics to create a healty home. She goes beyond low voc paints and green cleaning products to mindul living, including voluntary simplicity, and harmonizing the home. Visit Lazenby here.

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