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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My home - reading nook

One of the ideas from the post below on Decorating on a Dime, is to create a reading nook. Here's mine, a place I get to relax in when the kiddos are asleep. During the day, however, we may all sit here and read many books. The wall is lazured in the Waldorf style, giving a warm glow to the all white furniture in the room. Painting this wall was a fun project for my son and I as I mixed white paint with drop by drop of yellow and then red as we worked our brush strokes down the wall. The wall flowers are from Ikea. This room is very small and just fits a twin bed. So a small Ikea couch and this small distressed shelf doubles as a coffee table and book shelf. I like the addition of drawers, as I'm quite drawn to small drawers, for some reason, in shelving. The blender lamp is my husbands. While it works, I never switch it on, as the green glow it creates is rather errie, but I like its kitchiness. Opposite this shelf is the computer cabinet, which we had custom built. I painted it myself to save costs and added Restoration Hardware glass knobs. Above this cabinet is a plate shelf, which I inhereted from others in my apartment building - its been passed to several folks, but its here to stay, as I quite like it.

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