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Monday, April 13, 2009

Flea Market Style - book review

Authour Emily Chalmers lives in England, at the doorstep to absolutely wonderful second-hand markets. She makes me want to move to her neighbourhood as its a little more challenging in the newer city of Vancouver to find antiqued treasures. At any rate, Flea Market Style (2005) shows how one can incorporate flea market finds into any style, from modern to miniamalist, not just eclectic, as one may presuppose.

Neatly divided into two sections, the first presents finds in the range of home decor: furniture, glass ware/kitchen ware, patterns, colours, lighting and collections. The photos of her finds are pure eye candy. In the second section of her book, Chalmers not only incorporates flea market pieces into the particular rooms, from kitchen to bedroom, the text further provides rich details in how to use vintage items - to create displays, how to look at vintage finds in a new light, and how to reuse items, such as vintage fabrics in a multitude of ways. Importantly Chalmers lays flea market finds across a range of styles. In doing so, she provides a depth of inspiration, not matter what your style, and can certainly help re/define one's style.

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